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Turned into an angel: chapter 3
We had gotten to a door that was heavily bolted shut. At first I didn't see the door because Ludwig still had me on his shoulder, still facing his butt!  When they walked again after they stopped at the door that's when I got to see the door. 'Why would they have such heavily bolted door. It's not like a tank is going to bust in here.' I thought. I was quickly pulled out of my thoughts when I was placed on a table. I didn't like this so I started to struggle.
"Stop it, Frau. Your acting like a child." Ludwig told me. I just ignored him and kept moving. He growled and quickly locked my legs down. I started to tug on them but it wasn't any good. They were locked tightly. My hands where still in the handcuffs. Then I felt hands on my shoulders I looked to the left to see it was Gilbert holding them. I was still trying to get free but to no avail.
Suddenly the cuffs where unlocked. I tried to move them to push away Gilbert, but Ludwig grabbed both my hands and locked them to the table
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Turned into an angel: chapter 2
I slowly woke with pain everywhere. I try to open my eyes only to be blinded by bright lights. I put my arm over my eyes to keep out the lights. After a few minutes past I moved my arm to try to see where I was. I blink my eyes to adjust to the light. I look around to find that I was in a glass box of some sorts. I sit up and find that I was in a short hospital gown. It was only five inches up past my knees.  I see that there was something strapped to my left ankle. My shoulder length brown hair was a mess as I looked around more with my sharp sea blue eyes. 'Where on earth am I?' I thought.
"Vell, looks like zhe Frau is up. Kesesese." I hear from behind me. I look behind me to see the albino and the blonde.
"So it seemz bruder." The blonde half heartily spoke.
"I want to go home." I demanded.
"You shouldn't be demanding anyzhing." The blonde angrily spoke.
"No! I have a right to demand to be let go! You both kidnapped me from my house!" I spat out and pointed at them both.
"She a
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Turned into an angel: chapter 1
Me and my family sat at the table eating dinner. Then the phone rang. We all ignored it because it was rude to get the phone when it was dinner. Something odd my family dose. I was about to say something after the phone stopped ringing when it rang again. My dad sighed and got up.
"This person really wants to talk." He walks over to the phone and picks it up." Hello?" He ask." What? What do you mean by that?"  He stop to listen to the person."No, I am not letting you do that to her." He started to rase his voice at the person.
'Who is making him ticked?' I thought.
"Who are you?" He growled. Then his eyes went wide. He looks over at me with an almost scared look on his face.
"What's wrong dad?" I finally spoke up.  He didn't answer then just gave me the phone.
"Um....hello?" I asked scared.
"You have been picked by zhe government to be a subject of testing, if you refuse zhis, zhen ve have to come and 'pick' you up." A very deep German voice spoke to me.
"Wh-who are y-you?" I
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You're not leaving... L.J x Reader
Normal P.O.V
"(y/n)! (y/n)! Take a look at this!!" Your cousin (c/n) squealed excitedly, rushing towards you with something cradled close to her chest. "What's that?" You asked curiously, brushing your (h/c) bangs out of your wide (e/c) eyes as you stared at the monochrome box wrapped tightly in her arms.
"It's Laughing Jack's box! ...It's where my bestest friend L.J lives...!" She beamed, glancing down at the painted black details on the top of the box, running her fingers along the top of it.
"Who's L.J?" you asked, watching her roll her (e/c) eyes at you. "Laughing Jack! Duh! ...Watch this...!" She said with a small dark grin, gripping the handle of the box and cranking it, listening to the slow, eerie tune of 'Pop goes the weasel' ring through the now silent air.
As the twisted song came to an end, the lid sprung open, making your heart pound in fear as you peered into the box.
Your wide (e/c) eyed stare met the hollow, blank inside of the box. "Umm..." You started to breathe out o
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TMNT 2014!Rapheal X Reader
 The gel dripped off your finger.
Sighing you stared at yourself in the mirror.
'This will never work..You slammed your fist on the mirror.
You didn't understand why but Rapheal had to hate you.
He picked on you,judged you for everything and he even pointed out you're bad feautures.
All you would do is respond with okay's.
It hurt you so much.So much that his brothers would try to defend you,only to end up in a nasty fight with the red banded turtle.
You gave yourself a sad smile,you,ridiculously thought that this plan would work.
Dressing up as (y/n)'s realistic boyfriend.
" might.."You said quietly.You dipped your slender finger into the gel jar.
Taking a
reasonable amount,you layered it  onto you're hair.
Adding over 100 clips to rid the extra hair,you placed a black beanie to hide the backside.
Adding a few accesories to go with your ripped jeans and comfy hoodie,you picked out glossy but large squared like hipster glasses.
Putting it on gently to not mess your h
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TMNT The forbidden Hashi Raph x Reader (2014)
            Disclaimer: I don’t own the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Author’s Note: Another Raph chapter, so soon? Yes! Anyway guys right now I’m going through a phase. I’m writing Reader insert one shots based off Disney themes. One suggestion was a turtle from any generation in a Beauty and the Beast style scenario. This chapter was inspired and based off the West Wing, Wolves, Rescue and Wound tending scenes from the movie. I really had fun writing this and thank you very much for the suggestion! So if anyone has a Disney scene or song they’d like a chapter based off of here is how to request, most and foremost they have to be a one shot! First, character (Ex. Leonardo). Second, scene or song (Ex. Kiss the girl little mermaid). Third, genre (Ex. Romance). Last but not least, generation (Ex. 2007). As always no Oc’s and there already is a Mikey chapter being worked on, this one just came easier to me. Anyway hope you
:icondark-blossom95:Dark-Blossom95 200 92
Reader X Loki chaptr 5
**** I took away the anxiety adjective because it just doesn't fit as well as it use to, but she still won't be the bravest thing ******
    ((about 9 weeks after the incident. All your attackers dead, and you have recovered and gone back to work as a servant))
    The sun glowed beautiful colors as it set. Asgardian sun sets were nothing like Midgard sun sets; their sun gave off light green, deep blue, and lavender, as apposed to red, orange, and pink. You stared into where the light green met the deep blue, mixing together to make a gorgeous emerald green. Your heart sank, the dark green reminding you of the king and what happened in the infirmary. You could still feel the heat of his lips almost touching your, you could also feel the pain of someone you love almost killing you.  
    Falling to your knees in front of the big hall way window, you held back a loud sob. You trembled, trying you best not to attract attention
:iconrawrsatthetree:Rawrsatthetree 4 3
Mature content
Loki x Reader - Give Me Love Ch14 :iconanimefreak141:AnimeFreak141 27 25
Mature content
Loki x Reader - Give Me Love Ch1 :iconanimefreak141:AnimeFreak141 99 70
Mature content
Loki x Reader - Give me Love Ch16 :iconanimefreak141:AnimeFreak141 37 51
Sugar Daddy!Russia x reader p.1
Pitter patter
Pitter patter
Pitter patter
The rain just won’t stop; I sit alone in a busy cafe waiting for the rain to calm so I can catch the bus home
‘Should of brought an umbrella’ I sigh to myself staring out the window
“excuse me can I sit here?” a voice interrupts my thoughts and I turn to see a tall handsome man with light beige-blond hair, light blue eyes and smile slowly growing on his face. “There are no spare tables”
“Oh okay” my face feels really hot, I hope im not blushing
We sit awkwardly for a few minutes until he starts to talk to me
“I’m Ivan”
“I’m (y/n)”
“You look young how old are you”
“Why does it matter to you?”
He still looks at me with an emotionless face “little girls should stay in school instead of being at cafes”
“Tsk fine I’m 19 happy?” crossing my arms pouting
“You shouldn’t speak to your elders like tha
:icontini-tot:tini-tot 51 5
Friendly Monster|Nightmare!Freddy x Child!Reader
You sat on your bed, trembling, whimpering, and wondering if this was all real or just figments of your imagination. It began Monday night, when you had a nightmare about these scary-looking robotic animals trying to get into your room until your alarm clock rang 6:00.
Going from the left door, to the right door, to the closet, and back to your bed at unimaginable speeds, and armed with only a flashlight, you were trying to ward off the monsters so they didn't get to you. Judging by their glowing eyes, heavy breathing, and sharp didn't want to find out what they would do to you!
Occasionally, you'd shine your flashlight over at your pillow and discover a little, tattered brown bear with many rows of teeth, sometimes even two. But they would vanish and all there was is your Freddy Fazbear plushie. This went on for two nights so far, but you didn't know when this nightmare was going to end.
Grabbing your flashlight, you walked over to the closet and shone into it, revealing '
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 366 1,198
Darkiplier-X-Reader 2: A Deal
He dipped his head down and brought you back into another heated kiss. Your hands shot up and into his short, midnight locks; your eyes fluttering shut. Your conscience screamed at you desperately.
'No, stop! Stop this isn't Mark! (Y/n)! Fight back!'
Dark's hips grind against yours and you gasp. He chuckles at your innocence.
"I'm guessing Mark never did this with you," he said pulling away.
Your stomach flipped.
"N-No," you admitted. "He never did anything with me."
Your eyes darted to the side.
"We were never together..."
Dark's eyebrows shot up. This was news to him. Surely you'd gone on at least one date with the dorky gamer. The way Mark always thought about you Dark assumed you were a couple.
"What do you mean?"
"W-Well I'd always wanted to be with Mark, but I never told him how I really felt. We were just really good friends."
You both lay frozen in silence as Dark pondered this information. His face finally broke into a wicked smile. Goosebumps flowed over your skin as h
:iconchubby-killer97:chubby-killer97 322 123
Clueless Chapter 2 Sebastian X Reader Black Butler
"My Lady....My Lady"
You woke up to a face, a quite handsome face in fact. You looked around for a moment and then  shot up from your bed, and then cringing in pain and laying back down. You scanned the room again, examining every detail. "You should really be careful. You've cracked two ribs, my master said you could stay until you get better." The man said, you recognized his voice, his thick British accent. It was him, the man you heard last night. "Excuse me but, where am I?."
The man smiled. "You Miss, are at the Phantomhive Manor, I am Lord Phantomhive's butler, Sebastian Michaelis at your service." He reached down and kissed your bruised hand gently. You blushed and looked away. "My name is ____ ____, it's nice to meet you Sebastian."
You sat up slowly as Sebastian poured you a cup of tea. "If you'll excuse me for a few minutes, I must tell Master that you have awoken. He really wants to see you." You nodded as he walked to the door. "Oh, and don't be surprised when he come
:iconbluanimeboom:BluAnimeBoom 4 0
Jeff the Killer X Reader pt.2

   Jeff's P.O.V
I saw (y/n)'s dad coming to me when I laughed so hard and the next I know, he was right in front of me. I didn't what to do cause I can't kill him, that would hurt (y/n)'s heart and ruin my chance with her. But he didn't noticed me and just got a sketchbook that had (y/n) name on it next to the tree. But when I walked out, he noticed me by an instant.
 "HEY!! YOUNG MAN, COME HERE RIGHT NOW!!" (y/n)'s dad yelled.
I did what I told and then he was in front of me.
"Son, shouldn't you be in school?" he said.
"huh? what?" I was confused.
"Son, go to school and take off that make-up, you might be mistaken by the killer boy?" then it hit me, he didn't know who I was. AWESOME!!
 "Yes sir" I lied to him. He just nodded and drove off. Then I went back to (y/n)'s room and watch TV.
       *******TIME SKIP*******TIME SKIP***********TIMESKIP*************TIMESKIP*********************TIME
:iconhoodiegirl924:hoodiegirl924 290 96
PrussiaXReader - You're Mine.
(name) trudged up the stairs of her apartment. A sour look on your face was visible. Gilbert Beilschmidt had just embarrassed you. AGAIN! You gritted your teeth in anger, slamming the door of your apartment door open.
That scared Rima, your Apartment buddy. "Dude! The fuck?!" She shouted. (name) took no notice of what Rima had just said and made her way to the kitchen.
"...Gil problems?" She asked. You slammed your fist on the Kitchen counter, evidently making a huge crack in it. "Yes! He embarrassed me. AGAIN!" You shouted.
Rima nodded and went back to playing the Walking dead. "Well, If wants to play dirty, Why don't you play dirty too? That's how I got Francis back for showing everyone that picture of me naked.
I didn't really mind If I was the one to show it to everyone because I have no Shame, but Francis is another story." Rima replied, shooting one of the Zombies after the character she was currently playing as. "y'know, I don't understand how you're so strong yet you sit around
:iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 396 133
Mistake (Uta x Reader) Part 5
   Uta was walking back from Anteiku, to the Helter Skelter bar. He had opened the door to the bar and sat down on a seat.
   Itori sighed. “Don’t you have anywhere else to go?” She said in a rude way. “I had been dying to eat a specific someone, but because you let her go, I’m so hungry!” She pouted
   “Well why didn’t you say that yesterday?” he asked her, his demeanor was extremely calm.
   “It was because I pitied you yesterday for not understanding love!” She rebutted
   “You were laughing at me. Thanks. I’ll get you some food when I come back. I just wanted to ask if (y/n) ever came back to the bar.” He asked Itori, showing his true motive for coming to the bar.
   “Nope, but she might have guessed by now that I’m either a ghoul, or I’m an idiot that’s been friends with you for years, not knowing your eating ha
:iconxx-jollyranchers-xx:XX-JollyRanchers-XX 69 3
Torn Apart (China x sister!reader x Japan) 3

It's been weeks since the incident and the last time you saw China; things were slightly different now. If it's any possible Japan has been more protective of you but at the same time more kinder..which was scary; 
Today you woke up with a slight fever and your stomach began to feel uneasy so you quickly held your mouth and ran into the restroom letting out the contents in your stomach
"Lady (c/n) are you feeling okay!" one of the servants ran in and quickly held your hair back 
You continued to empty out your stomach when you felt like you were done you shakily reached for the little lever and flushed the toilet
You got up with the help of the servant and looked at her
"Do I seem okay" you weakly snapped
"Forgive me lady (c/n)" she bowed
"Stop calling me that I have a name"
"Lord Japan ordered us not to call you that name for it taints you"
"What name" you growled harshly causing her to flinch
"Your last name"
You washed you
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